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“Sports” Association plan of Daozhen High School
“Sports” Association plan of Daozhen?? High School

I? The purposes of the activity

The activity aims to enrich the content of our campus culture and promote all-round development of the students.

By holding basketball matches and other activities ,it not only helps students strengthen the understanding and communication with each other and improve their physiques, but stimulate the students to love the campus culture, which has a significant significance to strengthen the school cohesion, centripetal force and appeal.

II? The theme of the activity

Showing the personalities of our students and promoting

the communication of different cultures.

Strengthening the cultivation of students' unity and promoting students' overall development

III? The time of the activity

From March 20th, 2011 to June 2nd, 2011.

IV The content of the activity

Mainly based on basketball matches.

V The arrangement of the activity

1. Members of the association held a conference on March 18th , soliciting and collecting the students' opinions and made a plan for the activity.

2. Organize the members of the association to train the students how to play basketball and guide the students from

Senior One to have friendly matches with those from Senior


3. If the conditions allow, we’ll invite the Vocational Middle school and Jinxing High School teachers and students to have friendly matches of basketball together.

4. The members of our association will make a summary in June and mobile our students to get well prepared for their final examination.

Sports Association of Daozhen High School

???????????????? March 20th, 2011

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