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Sunshine painting and calligraphy association planning
Sunshine painting and calligraphy association planning

一.The activity aims

The activity aims to enjoy painting and calligraphy art , rich cultural and artistic concept and promote the comprehensive development of students. We want to make the students’understand the art and culture and cultivate the feelings of the students’ love for the campus and cultural art through the exhibition。And it aims to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force charisma,Promote the sustained development of the school culture and art。

March is a splendid season,which has the most charm of youth. We hold the school-wide painting and calligraphy association,in order to further enrich the campus culture life,enhance artistic charm, improve the students’ learning interest , sprinkle the students' artistic talent and promote cultural communication.Let students understand the edification of the culture of Chinese painting and calligraphy, enhance the cohesion of the students of all ethnic groups,and promote the national unity further.

二.Association meaning

The association meaning is to carry forward the Chinese calligraphy and painting culture,let the students to appreciate the charm of calligraphy and painting art, rich the concept of China's traditional culture and art, Promote the students to pursuit? culture and art, inspire the students to play their potential ability, and promote the all-round development of school.

We want to further develop the students’ emotion loving the campus, the art and culture and enhance the cohesion of the school, Centripetal force and charisma. We can promote the sustained development of the school culture and art through the association.

Through this exhibition, we want to strengthen the students to understand the art and culture and improve the students’ ability of calligraphy painting and appreciation ability

Ethnic words can participate in the show,which makes the students understand the cultures of all ethnic groups and promote our students’ harmony. It will further promote national unity too.

三、Theme of the activity

Show artistic personality,

Promote cultural communication

Strengthen students' unity

Promote the development of the school

1.????? Organizer

Sponsored school: the new campus of Dao Zhen middle school

Participants: School painting and calligraphy association members

2.Time of the association activity:

On March 14th, 2011 to May 20th 2011

三、 The activity program arrangement of this semester

1.Painting and calligraphy association exhibition

We will collect works on March 15. The association President will notice the members. Each class principal will be responsible for the collection of painting and calligraphy works.All students in the school can compete and submit works through this association. Each student collects at least 2 works. The deadline for collecting works is on April 2, 2011. Each student can participate in. Excellent works will be shown with the works in the new campus.

The process activity:

一.Scene decoration.

On the event day the students painting and calligraphy association members will participate in and organize the decoration. The members will mount the exhibition boards in the first floor of the building, which are used for works display.

二.Assessment works.

Painting association will invite the school art teachers and autonomous regions calligraphers as the chief judges, School painting and calligraphy association will set up a team to judge the excellent works. In addition, all students can also look and mark in the site.

三.works show.

As for the outstanding works of calligraphy and painting,the school will display the works in the teaching building passage for the teachers and students to visit for a long time.

2.????? Calligraphy culture appreciation

Painting and calligraphy association members will be organized to enjoy calligraphy culture on May 6th in the fourth floor conference room.

Process activity:

一.Related knowledge lectures

二. Students’ discussion about calligraphy culture

三. The practice of handwriting

四. Works comparison

3. Related calligraphy and painting knowledge lectures

Time:on 20th May??????????????????????????????

Painting and calligraphy association will invite the school art teachers or autonomous region calligraphers to make knowledge lectures about painting and calligraphy learning.

Activity procedures:

一.? Attend a lecture.

二.? Members of the association ask some questions about calligraphy and painting knowledge and culture.

三.? Members of the association discuss freely.

3.????? Develop the handmade interest

The time hasn’t been decided temporarily.

The activity procedures:

一.? The students make up teams freely and communicate with each other by cooperation.

二.Find the beauty in the life and choose their favorite handmade works.

三. Association members present their hand-made works and learn and communicate with each other.

四.Works selection

四.Prize of excellent works

Selected excellent works will be devided into first, second ,third prize and honorable prize and give spiritual and material rewards,

Number 1 has 1 person, number 2 has 2 persons, number 3 has 3 persons and honorable people has 4.

五.Feasible analysis

This semester activity aims to show artistic personality and promote cultural communication.Fully embody students’ elegant demeanour. It is an opportunity of challenging ourselves and training ourselves , At the same time it is also a platform to show ourselves. With the development of culture and art, Calligraphy and painting culture has become popular with the people. Many people like to take part in the activity. It meets the students’desire for Chinese traditional culture and art, and also attract the painting and calligraphy lovers to participate and watch. This is a positive activity, which fully transfers the students' enthusiasm of art . At the same time it also increase the cultural and artistic exchange and communication. Besides, the activity can enhance school culture art atmosphere and further promote the students to get along well with each other.

Dao zhen middle school new campus painting and calligraphy association

Undertaker:Wang Juan

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